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Horizontal Cold Chamber Pressure Diecasting Machine DC 80

Salient Features :
» HMT’s Die-casting Machines cater to a wider range of applications. From simple components to high precision industrial components these machines take care of most Die-casting needs.
» HMT offers a range of nine models with locking forces ranging from 80 to 1100 tonnes to cover a wide range of pressure diecasting of aluminium and zinc components.
» Built to high quality standards, these machines are subjected to stringent performance testing using advanced testing devices to ensure high performance, increased productivity and reliability.
» The salient features of these machines include double toggle mechanism with setting of die closing/opening and ejector speed, flying piston type accumulator, large adjustable opening stroke and programmable logic control.
» The Die-casting Machines can also be retrofitted with all the peripherals like auto ladle, auto die spray and auto casting extractor for full automation of the machine. Can also be provided with process control system with inbuilt features like real time closed loop shot control, low impass, etc. This facility not only reduces flash and porosity but also increases die life, productivity in addition to ensuring faster production rate, reduction in downtime and savings in metal consumed.
Specifications DC 80
Locking Force tonnes 80
Injection Force adjustable (with intensifier) tonnes 11.5
Hydraulic ejection force tonnes 4
Die moulding plates (hxv) mm 530x530
Space between tie bars (hxv) mm 350x350
Tie bar diameter mm 60
Maximum die height mm 400
Minimum die height mm 150
Die opening stroke mm 350
Injection plunger stroke mm 250
Ejector stroke adjustable mm 60
Free cycle time sec 3
Motor capacity kW 7.5
Machine area m 4x 1.1
Machine weight tonnes 3.6
Capacity of oil tank litre 300
Plunger dia. mm 35 40* 45 50 55
Shot capacity for aluminium kg 0.43 0.56 0.71 0.88 1.06
Max. injection pressure kg/cm2 1200 920 730 590 490
Nominal casting area at above injection pressure cm2 66 87 110 135 163
* Standard shot sleeve


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