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CNC Gear Hobber H400CNC 2A/3A/4A

Salient Features :
» Heavy duty CNC Gear to bring in more flexibility and productivity.
» HMT Gear Hobbing Machine H400CNC, with its principle of power transmission from motor to hob through shortest path possible is designed to deal with the static and dynamic requirements that would yield ideal tooth form in spite of interrupted cuts peculiar to hobbing processes.
» Radial Feed (X-Axis) :- Designed to give more accurate and desired positioning with high precision ballscrew through AC servomotor. Ensures control over size through rotary encoder for positional feed back. Multiple cuts can be programmed enabling to cut gear of higher module (> 8 mm).
» Axial Feed (Z-Axis) :- AC Servomotor having position feed back through a rotary encoder ensures precise axial feed through ballscrew. AC Servomotor with mechanical fail-safe brake prevents vertical slide inching down during power off/power failure. Optimum cycle time can be achieved by programming higher feed rates during approach and at the end of cut where material removal is less.
» Tangential Feed (Y-Axis) :- Is through precision ballscrew driven by AC Servomotor and feed back through rotary encoder. Infinitely variable tangential feed is provided in H400CNC 4A and stepped hob shift in H400CNC 3A that enable precise orientation of gear teeth. Stepped hob shift in H400CNC 2A is through hydraulics.
» Differential Mechanism driven through AC servomotor (B-axis) in H400CNC 4A & through differential change gears in H400CNC 3A/2A..
» AC Spindle drive & motor for infinitely variable spindle speed offers greater flexibility for cutting gear at different speeds during roughing and finishing to obtain optimal cycle time.
» Programming for multiple cuts, feed rate change, feed direction change, dwell time, skip feed, climb & conventional hobbing, etc. provide lot of flexibility to operator.
» Operator messages for hob change, job inspection and total number of components is available.
Specifications :
Maximum dia of spur and helical gear mm 400 400 400
Maximum module (in Steel 60-70 kgf/mm2) mm 8 8 8
Maximum travel of hob slide mm 300 300 300
Minimum number of teeth that can be hobbed 6 6 6
Dia. of work table mm 400 400 400
Work table bore dia mm 100 100 100
Distance between hob & work axes Shifting hob head (min. / max.)
Universal hob head (min. / max.)
mm -- 10/280 -- 10/280 30/300 --
Mounting taper of hob spindle MT5 MT5 MT5
Hob : Maximum dia. x Maximum length mm 186*180 186*180 186*180
Maximum hob shift
Shifting hob head
Universal hob head
mm mm -- 170 -- 170 135 --
Speeds : AC Servomotor
Feeds infinitely variable in the range Radial feed (X-Axis)
Tangential feed (Y-Axis)
Axial feeds (Z-Axis)
rpm mm/min mm/min mm/min 80-480 1-3000




Main Motor - Infinitely variable speed spindle drive - 500-3000 rpm kW 9.0 8.0 8.0
Total connected load kVA 25 25 25
Space requirements & weight
Overall dimension of the machine (lxwxh) m 3.6 x 3.4 x 2.9 3.6 x 3.4 x 2.9
Approximate weight kgf 7000 7000
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