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CNC Crankshaft Disc Grinding Machine CSG 500 CNC / CSG 500×800 CNC

Salient Features :
» High precision 5-axes Crankshaft Grinding Machine that offers economic solution for grinding of crank pins and journals of crankshafts in automatic cycle.
» Inprocess two jaw steady rest and gauge controls the finished size
» Only loading/unloading and indexing for next pin set-up to be done manually.
» Directly driven ball screws with AC servomotor for infeed axes.
» Both ends fixed and pre-stretched precision ball screws driven by AC servomotors for reliability of positions.
» Profile dressing along with end radius.
» Infinitely variable speed for work head.
» Rigid structure.
» Wheel spindle runs in special high precision tilting pad type hydrodynamic bearing with independent continuous lubrication system.
» Dual table with aerostatic lifting arrangement enable precise and easy taper setting (CSG 500 CNC).
» Counter balancing device and chucking device mounted on work spindle. Work drive motor is de-energised for balancing of crankshaft easily.
Special Executions :
» Machine with higher GWH power.
» Dynamic wheel balancing apparatus.
» Electronic automatic wheel balancer.
» Table/bed/wheel head mounted inprocess gauging.
» Constant wheel peripheral surface speed.


Specifications :
CSG 500 CNC CSG 500x800 CNC
Swing over table mm 540 540
Swing under steady rest mm 280 280
Admit between Centres mm 1800 800
Distance between chucks mm 1600 600
Max. job weight between centres kg 250 60
Max. job weight between chucks mm 120 -
Grinding wheel size (ODxW) mm 900x50 900x50
Grinding wheel speed rpm 650,780 650,780
Grinding wheel motor kW 15 15
Stroke - Table (Z) / Infeed Slide (X) mm 2000 / 380 800 / 380
Control system Siemens/Fanuc Siemens/Fanuc


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