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Salient Features :
» Heavily ribbed bed with flat guideways with good damping, torsional rigidity and stiffness. The table slide moving on bed guideways provides radial feed through manually driven screw and nut.
» Column with suitable ribs is fixed on bed. It houses the gear box with index and differential mechanisms and axial feed change gears. The main motor with speed change gear drive is mounted on top of column. The spindle speed change is effected through speed change gears. Column also houses the machine control panel and electricals.
» Compact vertical slide moves on flat guideways of column. The axial feed is through change gears and precision ballscrew and nut for backlash free axial feed. The vertical slide carries hob head mounted on circular T-slot and worm and worm wheel for swivelling of hob head. A circular scale and vernier are provided for setting swivel angle.
» Rigid and compact hob head mounted on vertical slide carries hob slide and main spindle. A fly wheel is provided to minimise speed fluctuations arising due to intermittant cutting during hobbing. The shifting of hob is manual through screw and nut. The slide is manually clamped after shifting.
Specifications :
H250 H400
Max. dia. of work/module Spindle speeds mm 250 / 6 400 / 8
AC induction motor in steps rpm 90-500 45-240 or 90-480
Infinitely variable AC spindle motor rpm 80-480(opt) 40-240 or 8-480 (opt.)
Axial travel mm 245 300
Radial travel - Min. / Max. mm 10 / 210 30 / 300
Axial Feed (Infinitely variable) mm/wr 0.23-6.35 0.23-6.35
Radial Feed (Infinitely variable) mm/wr 0.1-12 0.1-15
Dia. / Length of hob mm 130 / 150 186 / 180
Spindle Taper MT4 MT5
Main motor power kW 6.1/7.5 6.1/7.5
Weight of the machine kgf 5000 7000
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